Does your state have a HS tennis coaches association?

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Do the coaches in your state get together every year to share ideas, discuss potential new rules and network?

Do coaches in your state have a quick reference place for everything they need to know (rules, contact, dates, recruiting) about coaching high school tennis in your state?

One way to help improve tennis in your state (and across the country) is to start a state high school tennis coaches association if yours doesn’t have one.

It’s not that difficult or expensive, and the USHSTA can help.

Check out our Links button to see what several other states across the U.S. have done to set up state high school tennis or tennis coaching associations.

If you just want to have an exploratory conversation, you can call the USHSTA office and speak with Steve Milano about what it might take to help start a state high school tennis association or tennis coaches association. Send an email to info (at) first to set up a time.


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