Would you like a high school coaches workshop in your area? Please contact info(at) if you are interested in helping arrange a high school tennis coaching workshop in your state.

The USHSTA provides coaching workshops covering topics important to high school tennis coaches. USHSTA workshops provide a coordinated approach to coaching that revolves around  helping your team members become players, rather than just hitters.

A main difference between USHSTA coaching workshops and others is our emphasis on high school tennis coaching issues — we do not repackage club teaching pro and elite player development drills and charge high school coaches for them.

Additionally, our workshop lectures are not taught by former touring pros or current commercial teaching pros with no physical education or sport science backgrounds. The workshop leader is USHSTA executive director, Steve Milano (link). The information presented in our workshops is objective, cutting edge and generally not available anywhere else in the United States. USHSTA workshops look at the work of such leading sport scientists as Richard Schoenborn of Germany, Louis Cayer of Canada, the late Vic Braden of the U.S., Drs. Jeff Chandler, Ben Kibler, Jim Loehr, Bruce Elliot and Howard Brody, and other respected experts. We then apply it to the needs of high school coaches who often work with a variety of youths of different skill levels.

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