Check out the USTA’s No-Cut Tennis Program

Check out the USTA’s No-Cut Tennis Program

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When you cut kids from a middle school or high school tennis program, you might not get them back in future years, and they might end up participating in less-than-healthy activities.

With help from the United States Tennis Association (click) and tips from the USHSTA, you can find ways to let everyone who wants to play tennis on your team participate (at least part-time)!

Become part of the USTA No-Cut Coach Registry and receive an exclusive coach package courtesy of the USTA (click)!

(Note: The U.S. High School Tennis Association, Inc. is not aligned or affiliated with the U.S. Tennis Association. This post is intended to convey only that the USHTA, Inc. supports the USTA’s no-cut efforts).


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