USTA Fitness Test & Fitness Protocol

NOTE: This is not the latest version of the USTA’s fitness testing protocol, which may have changed as new information has become available. However, they are packed with great ideas for drills and exercises for testing your team members.

Would you like to test your players’ physical fitness before and after the season, and give them concrete conditioning goals?

The USTA’s Fitness Testing Protocol is used to test the country’s top junior players, and can be used by any high school team to measure their tennis-specific speed, agility, flexibility, strength and other areas of fitness.

Examples of fitness levels you can test include resting heart rate, sit-ups, push-ups, vertical jump and 20-yard dash.

While the complete protocol requires special equipment and may be overkill for most high school coaches, there are many tests you can use for your team. A number of charts are available in the document to help you measure each of your players’ performance.

Link to 2008 USTA Fitness Test – scroll to page 201

Download the Protocol as a PDF file here.

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