Strategy & Tactics Articles & Drills

These articles are taken from the
USHSTA Coaches Workbook. Articles with a * are available in the workbook or in the Members Area.


Practicing Shot Combinations

Singles Strategies

Playing “Big” Points

Using Doubles to Improve Singles*

Communication — The Key to
Successful Doubles*

Doubles as Easy as 1, 2, 3*

Poaching – Part I*

Handling Defensive Situations*

Serve ’em Out Wide*

Practice Match-Play Patterns*

Playing “Pushers”*

Strategies for Shorter Players

Tactics for the First Serve*

Doubles Positioning*

Improve Play with Charting*

Tactical Priorities for
High School Tennis Players

Defending Against an Australian or I Formation*

Tactical Mid-Court Volleys: Singles*

Handling a Two-Back Doubles Formation

Playing Through Short Balls*

Creating Problems for a Big Hitter*


Passing Shots

Deep-Ball Rally*

Tactical Mid-Court Volleys*

Playing Short Balls*

Producing and Playing Short Balls*

Doubles as Easy as 1, 2, 3*

Handling Defensive Situations*

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