Serve & Overhead Articles & Drills

Articles marked with an asterisk (*) are available in the Members Area and the USHSTA Coaches Workbook.

How Choking Affects a Player’s Shots* Beware of Pronation* High Toss or Low Toss?*
Teaching Girls to Serve Teaching Girls to Serve: It Really Works!* Teaching Serve and Volley*
Tactical Use of the First Serve* Serve ’em “Up” Improving a Spin Second Serve*
Warming Up the Serve Correctly* Serving Tips Serve ’em Out Wide*
More Legs = More Spin + More Power The Slice Serve* Serving Footwork*
Three Toss Tips for the Serve*


Serve & Overhead Drills

Serve & Volley*

The Side-Arm Serve*

Smashing Overheads*

Short, Crosscourt Return (+ Serve & Volley)*

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