Can Your Kids Major in Tennis

Did you know that you can earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in tennis management?

As your players consider college choices, not only for the opportunity to play, but also for an area of study that interests them, let them know about the various colleges and universities that offer tennis as both a sport and a major.

There are a number of Professional Tennis Management (PTM) programs around the U.S. which allow tennis players to study the teaching, coaching and business management side of tennis. From two-year colleges to Division I universities, PTM programs offer a wide variety of general business and tennis-specific courses in various aspects of the tennis industry.

Course offered by PTMs over the years have included:

  • Introduction to Professional Tennis Management
  • Basic Teaching Techniques
  • Preparing for Certification
  • Club Management/Court Maintenance
  • Introduction to Sport Science
  • Advanced Sport Science
  • Advanced Teaching Techniques
  • Tennis Policies

For more information on each PTM program, visit our links page.

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