Workshop Topics

Typical Workshop Agenda

*Denotes on-court session

12:30-1:00 — Check In

1:00-1:30 — Coaching High School Tennis: Off-court Basics

The basics of managing the administrative, fundraising, individual player development and other off-court aspects of a high school tennis season

1:30-2:00 — Planning Practices

The components of a complete, model practice are discussed. Includes warm-up, before-and-after stretches, technique and tactic work, drilling and conditioning.

2:00-2:30 — Practice Like you Play: Theory

You don’t hit 100 backhands in a row during a match. How to create drills and practices that develop PLAYERS instead of HITTERS.

2:45-3:15 — Practice Like you Play: Practice*

On-court examples of match-play drills which improve both shot-making and stroke skills.

3:15-4:00 — Avoiding Common Coaching Mistakes*

You’ll learn why the most popular drills and practice methods in the U.S. are pedagogically incorrect, how to avoid them and how to run effective drills and practices.

4:00-4:45 — Stroke Mechanics*

The basic components of the serve, volley, return, forehand and backhand are reviewed. Common myths and spotting and correcting problems are demonstrated.

5:00-5:30 — Mental Toughness

“SEE the ball?” “BE the ball?” Forget the mumbo jumbo. . . learn practical applications of sport psychology.

5:30-6:00 — Conditioning and Fitness*

Suggestions for team fitness and conditioning with stretches, drills and workouts

Other available topics:

Intro to Sport Science

An overview of the sports sciences as they apply to tennis: Biomechanics, Sports Medicine, Physiology, Nutrition, Motor Learning, Psychology, Physics

Planning the Season*

Recommended strategies for planning a season of drills and practices based on a pre-season phase, pre-competitive season phase and in-season phase.

Singles and Doubles Strategies*

A review of fundamental strategies and tactics, based on matchplay statistics.

Drill Session


Sports Nutrition Basics for Coaches

A review of what to eat and drink before, during and after matches; menu suggestions; fast-food options; etc.


Basic advice on team building, discipline, coaching styles, team rules, transition to college, etc.

Return of Serve*

An overview of footwork, technique and tactics shows coaches how to develop an attacking return.

Teaching Girls to Serve*

Both the “frying pan” and loop serves are discussed to show how to make both effective.

Building Tactics into Practices*

How to improve specific matchplay skills and the strokes that go with them.

We can develop one-day or two-day workshops.

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