These articles are taken from the
US High School Tennis Association Coaches Workbook.
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Articles About Drills

Ball Feeding Techniques for
New Coaches and Players

The Problem with
Hoppers and Ball Machines

Are Backboards and
Ball Machines Obsolete?

What's Your Rally Speed?

Why Some Drills Degrade Skills

Improve Your Existing Drills



Passing Shots

Producing and Playing Short Balls

Short, Crosscourt Return (+ Serve & Volley)

Serve & Volley

Slice Approach Shots

Topspin Lob

Attacking Serve Returns

Smashing Overheads

Taking Balls
on the Rise

10 of 10

Control Your Volleys

Poaching on an Angle

Lateral Movement
in Doubles

Four-Player Attack

Spider Drill

Handling Defensive Situations

Inside-Out Forehand

Playing Short Balls

Soft Hands

Live-Ball Drilling on Few Courts

Short, Crosscourt Angles

2-Player Attack!

Hitting Over the Net


Four-Player Shootout

Tactical Mid-Court Volleys


Grand Slam Series


Changing Directions Successfully

Forehand Technique Drill

Playing Short Balls
Two-Handed Backhands

The Side-Arm Serve

Drills for Summer Camps

Trick Shots

Deep-Bally Rally


Doubles as Easy
as 1, 2, 3

Return of Serve
Practice for Doubles

Covering the Lob
in Doubles





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