These articles are taken from the
US High School Tennis Association Coaches Workbook.
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*Available in the USHSTA Coaches Workbook

Pre-Season Planning In-Season Coaching Teaching Strokes

What Kind of
Coach Are You?

Planning Your Season - I

Planning Your Season - II

Planning Practices

*Individual Practice Plans

*Build Tactics into Practices

Making Cuts

*Use Self-Evaluation Forms

*Skills Test for Players

*USTA Fitness Test

*What's in Your Bag?

*End-of-Season Stats


Dealing with
the "Other" Coach

Warm-Up Intensity

Match Etiquette & Rules

Coaching During Matches

*Coaching Boys vs. Girls

*When Women Coach Boys

*Individualize Practices

*Building a Team

Goal Work

*Off-Season Goal Setting


*Are Your Dual Matchs
Too Long?

*Alternate Match Formats

*Mixed Doubles & TeamTennis

*Ball Feeding Tips for
New Coaches & Players

*Proper Feeding Techniques

Making Team Lineups

*Managing First-Set Blowouts


*Too Many Players,
Too Few Courts

*Fundraising Tips

*Teaching in a
Learner-Centered Way

*Why Some Drills Degrade Skills

*The Dead Ball is Dead!

*Developing Stroke Skills
More Quickly

*Developing Strokes:
Power vs. Placement

*What's Your Rally Speed?

*Learn from the Pros