Easy-to-Run Tennis Programs

You don't need to be a teaching pro to run a great tennis programs!

Whether you are a novice coach who has never run a youth tennis program, or a seasoned veteran who has conducted camps, clinics and classes, there are a variety of pre-packaged tennis programs that make running a youth tennis program easy, affordable, fun and often, lucrative.

Below are a number of programs that not only include everything from t-shirts to posters to prizes, but which have easy-to-follow curricula for coaches.

Consider running a youth tennis program this summer for any age, to supplement your income, increase tennis play in your community and to improve your high school teams by providing continuing lessons, practices and competition for youths (from tots to teens) in your area.

Free Money!
OK, almost free money...you have to fill out some forms! The Tennis Industry Association would like to help you market your programs that bring new players into the game. So much so, that they will pay half of your marketing costs up to $5,000! To find out more, click here.

Cartoon Network Tennis Club
Let Scooby Doo and other TV favorites help you promote your programs for 6-11 year olds. Affordable packages include marketing materials, racquets, t-shirts and prizes. Visit
http://www.cartoonnetworktennisclub.com/kit.html for more details.

Billie Jean King started one of the most easy-to-run, fun tennis leagues decades ago, and it's still going strong. If you are not an experienced coach, there is no instruction component in this ready-to-play league. For those who want an instructional program simply add your own lessons/drills to a TeamTennis program.

The program features co-ed teams (although it can be run as a gender-specific league, if you wish), singles, doubles and mixed matches, and a dual-match format in which every game counts toward the final score.

For an overview of TeamTennis, check out this article. For more information, visit the TeamTennis Web site.

USTA Programs
The United States Tennis Association offers a wide variety of programs for all ages, including USA School Tennis and USA Team Tennis for your high school players. For more information, visit the USTA's
Community Tennis page.

American Youth Tennis Foundation
Since 1977, the Tennis Buddies concept has introduced more than 300,000 children to tennis by putting them on teams and straight into a league, similar to Little League, youth soccer and other traditional sports. Using a hitting game, prizes team uniform shirts and weekly standings, this program is a huge hit with children and parents alike.
Children 5-13 learn how to hit into targets, keep score and play a match through this unique tennis league. Call 800-622-2983 ext.14 for details.

Instant Tennis and Speed Ball
Probably the most pedagogically sound and most fun way to introduce youngsters or adults to tennis is via an Instant Tennis lesson. Instant Tennis is an adaptation of European mini-tennis techniques and introduces all of the strokes in a 30-minute lesson using mini-tennis and live-ball rallying to introduce players to the game.

The Professional Tennis Registry has adapted Instant Tennis to its Speed Ball program, using foam balls for juniors, and has developed tapes for beginner, intermediate and advance lessons. Though not a complete curriculum, Instant Tennis and Speed Ball do offer both novice and experienced coaches a fantastic way to accelerate the learning curve for tennis players.

For more information on Instant Tennis and Speed Ball, click on the appropriate link.

Little Tennis
Little Tennis is the USPTA's contribution to youth tennis. The program is aimed at beginners, ages 3-10 and comes complete with curriculum and marketing materials. When children graduate from the program, they are ready to play tennis and move into other programs.

For more information on Little Tennis, visit www.littletennis.com